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Recreational Vehicles Insurance Policies

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Recreational vehicles insurance, also commonly referred to as motor home insurance, covers the cost of replacing or repairing a recreational vehicle (RV) following an accident. Liability coverage for RV drivers is mandatory in most states, and this coverage provides payments towards medical costs, property damage and legal fees in the event where the RV driver causes an accident. In addition, several states required that RV drivers purchase uninsured/under-insured motorists coverage as part of their RV insurance plan. This coverage insures the RV driver in those cases where the RV is hit by a driver who either does not have enough insurance to pay for the damages incurred to the RV, or who does not have insurance at all.

RV insurance is applicable to all RV drivers, and the specific types of insurance components and amounts purchased should be based upon how the RV driver actually uses their vehicle. For example, if the RV is used as the owner's full-time residence, that individual should purchase more coverage than an individual who simply drives their RV on two or three trips throughout the year. Those who live in their RV throughout the year require liability coverage similar to homeowners insurance, which covers them in an incident where someone is injured in their RV. In addition, personal property coverage is applicable to those who live in their RV in order to protect personal belongings such as jewelry and other valuable items. Individuals who use their RV on a seasonal basis must consider what to include in their RV insurance for coverage when the RV is not being used. The type of components to include in the coverage can vary widely based upon factors such as the climate and weather in the area where the RV is stored, as well as the local risk of theft or vandalism.

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