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Motorcycle Insurance Policies

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All states in the United States, with the exceptions of Florida, Montana and Washington, require motorcyclists to have motorcycle liability insurance. This insurance pays for damages and injuries that a motorcyclist may cause in an accident, as well as for any legal defense that may be required. The set limits for these payments are defined in the specific insurance policy. Motorcycle insurance is applicable for all motorcyclists, even in those states where it is not required by law. This is because costs associated with a motorcycle accident can quickly rise as a result of property damage, severe injuries and law suits.

Motorcycle insurance has three types of insurance coverage that are included in the policy, which are bodily liability for one individual, bodily liability for all of the individuals involved, and property liability. Therefore, in the event that a motorcyclist causes an accident and there is an injury, the bodily liability will cover the costs associated with the treatment for the injured person. When this type of insurance policy is purchased, the motorcyclist determines the specific limits in the policy. Therefore, when determining the limits of the policy, the motorcyclist should carefully consider how much they can afford to pay in the event of a severe accident. If there is an incident where the costs associated with an accident exceed the policy limits, then the motorcyclist will be personally responsible for the costs beyond the policy limits.

Motorcyclists also have the option to purchase additional coverage to reduce their risk of the costs that may result from a severe accident. Accessories coverage provides coverage for any aftermarket enhancements that have been made to a motorcycle, and collision coverage pays for the repair or replacement of a motorcycle in the event that the motorcycle is damaged in an accident, regardless of who was at fault. Comprehensive coverage covers any type of damage that is not caused by an incident with another vehicle, such as weather related damage, collisions with wildlife, and theft or vandalism. Other examples of additional coverage options include medical payments/personal injury coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist.

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