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Critial Illness

Critical Illness Insurance Policies

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Critical illness insurance is an insurance policy that a worker may be able to obtain through an employer. The employer may offer the insurance to the worker through a weekly or biweekly payroll deduction. The employer may provide CI insurance in addition to other insurance policies such as a regular health insurance policy or a dental health policy. The employee would have to choose a level of coverage that he or she desires, and the employer would start taking the deductions for the coverage as quickly as possible.

What Critical Illness Insurance Covers

Every policy is different, but CI insurance mostly covers severe illnesses such as cancer, HIV, heart attack, stroke, major artery failure and the like. If the employee develops any of the illnesses that the policy covers, he or she would need to file a claim as soon as possible. The covered person will have to prove that the doctor has diagnosed him or her with one of the covered illnesses.

Many benefits exists for having a CI policy. The main benefit is that the policy issues a lump sum payment to the covered party and his or her family if that person receive a diagnosis for a stated illness. Another great benefit that such a policy offers is a wellness benefit. In other words, the covered person can receive care that will help him or her to prevent development of certain illnesses. Covered parties can add their children or spouses to their policies, as well. Finally, employees do not have to prove that their health is good to receive coverage. They can accept the coverage from their employers without having to take additional testing of any kind.

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